Inward Beauty // by Taylor Kimble

By September 22, 2016Beauty

In a world where a beautiful woman is defined by healthy hair, eyebrows “on point,” the perfect figure and a great wardrobe, it is easy to forget outward beauty is ever so fleeting. Truthfully, I would be lying if I told you I didn’t practice retail therapy a little too often and enjoy it a little too much. It feels good to be outwardly beautiful. However, inward beauty is much more valuable and ever lasting.

Inward beauty is being clothed in strength and dignity. It is sustaining the ability to overcome any obstacle without breaking because you know who you belong to. It is having a character worthy of honor because you are gentle, kind, loving, just and generous to all you meet.
Inward beauty is being humble and genuine. It is being absent of pride and allowing yourself to be transparent. It is walking in humility. It is being a servant in a world obsessed with being a king or queen.

Inward beauty is speaking life and encouragement to those around you. It is celebrating each others victories, instead of holding on to each others’ wrong doings. It is rejoicing in each others’ blessings rather than allowing jealousy to be planted in our hearts. It is living a life that is so full of Jesus that his love radiates off of you and onto those around you.

When I think of the most beautiful woman I know, I think of my biggest mentor, my Grandma. She lives to serve and uplift, and faithful instruction is on her tongue. She has her arms open to the needy, saying, “My home is your home!” She teaches in the most gentle way, giving no room for the enemy.

She goes above and beyond for her family, home, community and relationships while receiving little to no praise. She lives and embodies wisdom and grace. She is the living example of the Proverbs 31 woman. That is beautiful, and yes, her hair is healthy and her eyebrows are on point while doing it of course!

As often as we try to meet the expectations of outward beauty, lets not just meet but lets exceed the expectations of inward beauty. Lets be the generation of women who show the world what real beauty is. Inward beauty is inspiring to those around you, and inspiration makes room for growth. So be you. Be authentic. Be beautiful, and lets grow!



Featured image by Ivy Christina

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