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Flowers // by Bethany Dunks

By September 5, 2016D.I.Y.

As we leave the cold weather behind us, we enter a season filled with new life. Birds are chirping, butterflies are everywhere, and flowers are blooming. Over all, spring is just a gorgeous time of year! This little D.I.Y. will help you keep those little joys straight through the season.


What you will need:


(All supplies found at Michaels craft stores)


  • 4 pink peonies
  • 3 burgundies
  • 4 hot pink peonies
  • 3 white roses
  • 4 eucalyptus branches
  • 3 medium bags clear glass bead vase filler
  • 1 large 4 ft. tall glass cylinder vase
  • 1 roll thick sheer pink colored ribbon


What to do:


  1. Remove all tags and stickers from flowers and glass vase
  2. Pour two bags of the beads into your vase (*be careful to pour the beads low in the vase so they don’t break)
  3. Continue pouring with two bags of clear glass beads (This is to hide the sunflower stalks and give depth to your arrangement.)
  4. Arrange your pink peonies around the outer edges of the vase. You may need to bend the flowers so they stick out over the edge of the vase.
  5. Arrange your burgandies in-between the pink peonies Bend flowers as you did in step 4)
  6. Place your white colored roses in the center of the vase. (The pink and hot pink flowers should be on the outside with the white roses in the center.) Bend flowers as needed.
  7. Place eucalyptus filler in between the outer flowers. You want to fill in the empty spaces to make the arrangement look full.)
  8. Cut enough ribbon length to tie around the vase. Tie a cute bow around the vase and voilà
    you’re finished! Now place in your entry way or wherever you’d like and enjoy through the season!


This arrangement makes a great statement piece and you can switch up the flowers, glass beads, and ribbon for each season!


I hope you enjoyed this little how-to!


Stay beautiful!




Featured image by Christa Baca

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