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Fall Fashion // By Rebekah Houle

By September 28, 2016Fashion

I can’t say it enough. I am so ready for fall! I’ve already had my fair share of Pumpkin Spice Latte’s from Starbucks and my house is completely saturated with pumpkin scents. Fall is definitely my favorite time of year, no doubt. With that being said, I cannot wait to pull out my sweaters and boots and live in them for the next several months. However, here in Oklahoma it doesn’t look like the heat is going to be leaving quite yet. If that is the case where you are also, then you might find this post rather useful to you! I want to share how you can transition your summer pieces into fall until we are in full swing cooler weather.

Layering is definitely key! Cool mornings turn into hot days and back into cool nights. In this time you definitely want to layer so you can shed or put on. So it’s a great opportunity to get some use out of those cute sleeveless tops by pairing with a light cardigan or denim or leather jacket. I recently wore a necktie scarf to add some cuteness to my outfit. By the end of the day, I ripped it off as I was sweating like a pig! I ended up tying it up as a head wrap and tucking my hair underneath like a crown. So, see! Even a scarf can be versatile in layering!                                                 web1wab2
Rochelle Johnson – beauticurve.com Emily Ann – thesweetestthingblog.com

Don’t put away those white jeans! The “no white after Labor Day” is a thing of the past ladies. Throw it out the window. You can definitely wear them all year. A long or chunky sweater and some ankle booties will brighten up a cold gloomy day. Also, think about some black heels, a striped tee and a leather jacket for dinner? Plus, right now you can snatch up white denim all over the sale racks since stores are trying to get rid of them. I mean you can find them for cheap! So not only are they a great buy for next year, you can winterize them. Don’t limit your thinking to just denim either. A white dress paired with a leather jacket is so chic!
Katie Torwalt – mytravelingcloset.com Amy Ann – straightastyleblog.com

I was helping a client organize and purge her closet once and I showed her how she could turn her spaghetti strap dress she wore to the pool into a great fall work outfit. Might sound crazy but it works. We all have that one summer dress we wear on repeat. You can move it into fall by adding leggings, booties, a jacket or a cardigan. Bam! A whole new purpose for your little summer dress

Jessica Sheppard – jessicasheppard.com Amy Loochtan – coffeebeansandbobbypins.com

Find a good open-toe boot. I love an ankle boot like none other. I rarely wear anything else on my feet in fall and winter. However, right now with it still being 90 degrees my feet will literally suffocate in my shoes. They need to be breath. Let’s just be real. A great compromise is an open toe bootie. You can wear them now and in fall. It isn’t too cold that your toes will freeze and besides that, they’re just so stinking cute!

Caitlin – southerncurlsandpearls.com Tara Gibson – jimmychoosandtennisshoesblog.com

Now you’re loaded with some great tips to get you shifted into fall fashion! As always, We Are Beautiful and I would love to see your outfits you put together. Please tag us on Instagram or use hashtags #wearebeautiful #lilyprojecttulsa so we can see what you’ve come up with! Also, the photos posted are some of my favorite fashion bloggers. Definitely check them out for inspiration!
Until next time!
Rebekah – lilyproject.net



Featured image by Tsehay Canning

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