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Choose the Good // by Becca Whitehead

By September 14, 2016News

I will always remember what one of my high school history teachers once told me, “In today’s news, there is an alarming amount of scary and negative coverage, and not nearly enough positive.”

Ever since that day, I really started to take notice of what is actually covered by news stations. A HUGE portion of what is covered is crime related, death related, and disaster related. It is exhausting to turn on the news to catch the weather, but before you get to hear the 7-day forecast, you hear several stories that, let’s be honest, make you lose a little faith in humanity.

Today is my opportunity to counteract those negative stories with some positive!

When I came across Leon Logothetis’ story, I was immediately inspired! Leon chose to leave his day-to-day job where he felt a lack of passion , and chose to feed his adventurous side. Leon rode around the world on his yellow motorbike, that he named Kindness One, relying on the kindness of people to continue his journey.

Check out where Leon has visited and his full story at http://www.leonlogothetis.com/about/

I hope today you are inspired by Leon’s story and that you choose to see the good in the world!

Be encouraged! Live out loud!



Featured image by Evelyn Monestina

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