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Thirsty Kiddos // by Marialicia Coates

By August 8, 2016Mommas

It’s not very often that my nine month old baby naps for longer than an hour. So, here I am, trying to put all my thoughts together (and making them sound understandable) before the munchkin wakes up.

My daughter gets into everything, especially electronic devices. I could be typing something on the computer, reading or texting somebody on my iPad, and the little inquirer will somehow manage to take it away from me.

Until a few weeks ago, every time she would get close to me while I was doing any of these things, I would stop and go do something else with her. However, I’ve realized that I want her to see her mommy working, reading, or praying, because she will understand from a young age that it is important to be thirsty to learn, to know more, and to go deeper with God. It’s really interesting to see my little girl watch me and try to do all that I do. I’m her biggest hero and example; so if she grows up seeing a woman who thirsts for God, thirsts to learn, and lives a purposeful life, she will follow my example and will learn to be inquisitive, hard working, and disciplined in her walk with God.

I am not saying that I do all of this without failing, by any means. I fail… a lot. But I believe that the more I try to stay consistent with these things and actually try, the more my daughter will see it as an everyday occurrence, and that it is normal to “thirst” for more in every area of life.

We also have to teach them to be inquisitive, curious, and eager to learn. It’s not just letting them “watch,” but letting them join you doing it, at least for a few minutes. Let them play with that iPad, read what you’re reading aloud, let them “type” a word or two, worship with them, and teach them to love our Savior in song. Or, let them do things that they are curious about: let them play with that toilet paper or let them explore in your closet! I know they make messes and we don’t want them to make it a habit, but if you allowed it every now and then, it will help them develop!

Let’s all make a habit of being inquisitive and let your littles join the fun of being “thirsty”!

Marialicia Coates

Featured image by Megan Elisabeth

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