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The 90’s Called.. Will You Answer? // by Rebekah Houle

By August 31, 2016Fashion

Ok, raise your hand if you are a 90s child? Like totally, whatever, as if! If you know every line to the movie Clueless then you definitely qualify. In case you haven’t noticed, little flashbacks from the 90s are making an appearance in the fashion world right now. Here are a few key items you can get your hands on to really be the bomb!

  1. Chokers – Soooo many chokers. Cute, cute, cute! Did you wear these when you were growing up? I had a couple crocheted chokers that I wore all the time! Now you can rock the look all over again. I love this one from Forever21. Tie and tassel chokers are so fun and if you are crafty, you can make your own from an old belt or leather strap.


Photo courtesy Forever21 Facebook

  1. Flannel – Grunge is gorgeous! How many of us have noticed the flannel tied around the waist trend over the past year and scurried through the thrift stores to find that perfectly worn, oversized shirt? Oh, just me? Anyway, oversized flannel has made a comeback and perfect timing for fall! I love how Miley pulled off this look. Pair your flannel with a dress or a graphic tee and distressed denim!


9fd37d644dc691b0801dc71427159185                                                                              Photo courtesy Pinterest


  1. Berry lips – When I think of dark lips and the 90s, Gwen Stefani comes to mind. She always rocked those colors. This matte berry color is from ColourPop cosmetics and will be perfect for Fall! Apply this to a nude or natural eye for an extra pop!


Photo courtesy ColourPop Facebook

  1. Doc Martins – I remember when I got my first pair. I was in 6th grade and wanted them more than anything else ever. Besides being totally in style back then, these shoes could withstand the test of time and wear! This shoe and all of its chunky goodness is back on the shelves and are highly coveted once again. I’m kind of obsessed and am going to order a pair, like now. I love the throwback favorite paired with a flower dress and socks!95bf1a8cf23d02ae1b15aeb860ce03ef                                                                                Photo courtesy Pinterest

TH and CK– Tommy and Calvin scream 90s! Those baggy jeans and that majorly oversized logo on your tee. The coolest thing about TH and CK is they are doing a 90s capsule comeback! AHH! How cool is that? Talk about memory lane. If you’ve been in Urban Outfitters you’ll notice the exclusive collection available. Even the designers are jumping on board in recycling their fashion must-haves. Nothing screams 90s like these 2 designers and their signature style. Shop both brands at Urban Outfitters.36563302_004_b40202319_004_fBoth photos courtesy Urban Outfitters


So hopefully, like me, this post brought you back down memory lane and inspired you to add a few if not all of these pieces into your wardrobe. They are fun little ways to style yourself while being on trend as well as reminiscent!Don’t forget to post any looks you try that are inpsired by our fashion posts, also don’t forget to tag We Are Beautiful and Lily Project. Follow me on Instagram @lilyproject_tulsa or my personal blog at lilyproject.net



Featured photo by Wy Andrade

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