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5 Ways to Save on Back-to-School Clothes // by Rebekah Houle

By August 12, 2016Fashion

Can you believe it’s almost the beginning of the school year? It makes me think of a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils… you know, from the movie, ‘You’ve Got Mail?’ Anyway, besides school supply shopping, back-to-school means new outfits so you can dress to impress! Sometimes with all these necessary purchases, the price tags can start to add up. Maybe you’re shopping for college or you’re a mom buying for your kids. Or, if you’re like me, you have no connection to school at all, but still feel the urge to buy some new outfits in the spirit of the season. Whichever category you fall into, I have the formula to help you save money in your endeavors!

1. Sales – When preparing for your shopping spree, do some research on what stores are offering sales. Right now, a lot of retailers are trying to bust through their summer collections to make room for fall. In this time, you can snatch up some great Old School Tees for incredibly cheap prices. 50% off markdowns is a big one I’ve been seeing lately! Talk about half off of already reduced prices to make your day a little brighter! Don’t forget about Tax Free Weekends! Take advantage of those extra savings while you can.



2. Simplify – While you can shop savings and gather up more for you money, be aware of those staple pieces that can create a foundation for your wardrobe. Think about what you are buying. How many different ways can I wear this? Think versatility! (My favorite word in wardrobing.) I love a good white t-shirt. You can wear that with a floral skirt, jeans and a plaid, shorts and a denim jacket, a cardigan and khakis – the possibilities are endless! Think about how many different ways you can wear a piece when you’re shopping. That can definitely save money!



3. Store Credit Cards – Some of us may have a stash of retail credit cards that we tuck away for a rainy day or like to pretend they don’t exist. Credit can be a scary word for a lot of people! But, hear me out; a lot of retailers offer amazing savings and benefits if you have their card. For signing up, you may get a nice discount on top of your purchase, or there may be other great benefits for using the card. Some stores offer so much money off if you spend a certain amount, or you can earn rewards points for each dollar spent that turns into cash back! Check into the places you shop and see what their benefit card offers. That is a great way to save and earn at the same time!



4. Discount Stores – When I was growing up, it was so important to have name-brand clothing, because if I didn’t, I felt unpopular. It’s an awful feeling as a kid or even as an adult – if you feel the pressures to be cool by wearing the “it” brand and you can’t afford it, you feel less than. This shouldn’t be a thing, but unfortunately it is sometimes! A great way to find a happy medium can be shopping at name brand discount stores; you will pay a fraction of the cost! NBC, T.J. Maxx, Ross, Burlington, Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, Saks Off Fifth etc… these are just a few that I personally love. These stores usually offer majorly price-slashed name brand items, and that gets me excited! Also, don’t forget about the outlet malls – sometimes their outlet stores can offer pieces that are half the price of the original, and they also offer great sales on top of that!



5. Pray – It may sound silly but praying before you shop brings a great result! I was recently having a really hard time finding some jeans that fit me well. I looked everywhere, and for a long time! I finally prayed and asked God to help me find what I needed, to send me to the right place with the right price! It didn’t take long for Him to answer my request; that day, I found not only 1 pair, but 5! And at a crazy great price. God wants to help us in every single area of our life, even if it is saving money on back-to-school clothes!



As always, Happy Shopping! :)

Rebekah Houle


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