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The Menders of a Broken Generation // By Briauna Hoyt

By July 4, 2016Mommas

It’s an honor to be with you, on your computer screen wherever you are. Let’s pretend we are sitting around my fire with a cup of coffee and cozy pajamas, chatting about life.

A quick few things to know about me, is that I grew up in a small town in Arizona, I had massive, over-the-top dreams at a young age, and I love coffee more than anyone that I know. I tend to live out of my suitcase, and am passionate about many things, family and women being some of them.

I am the director of an organization by the name of Two Cents Project – empowering a generation to give everything that they have in loving others well. Primarily, our heart is for the inner cities, the poor, and broken ones that have been ‘shoved’ out of society. But practically, it looks like activating young adults across America to “rise” and begin to give what they have where they are, meeting the needs others, and reaching out and showing love to others everywhere they go. We conduct trips, conferences, and outreaches nationwide challenging our generation, to set a new standard.

Today, I wanted to talk about something that plays a role in the harvest of missions, movements, young people, ministry, etc., but  on a practical level. I had something burning on my heart to share in regards to mommas of our generation, and the direct connection that has to an upcoming generation of world changers. You might wonder what I am doing chatting about mommas as a 26-year-old entrepreneur, pioneering a movement for young adults, but wait – I grew up with the world’s greatest momma. This momma honors her husband, was a spokeswoman and businesswoman, and she laid it down to homeschool, love, discipline, and equip seven kids. She was at every game, recital, practice, road trip, and major moment in our lives. I look at my mom about 2 times a year and think of all the people she could impact with what she’s gained in her journey.

Now, I live half way across the country, and frequently my heart yearns for the company of my momma—if not my momma, a momma. I oftentimes, in my efforts to build a ministry and reach the poor and broken, miss the stability and nurturing wisdom of a woman who has pioneered one of life’s greatest accomplishment – the raising up of a generation.

I want to ask you, if you happen to be a mom, no matter the season of mothering you are in, do you believe you have a voice? Do you believe you have something to offer to the people around you, the girls you see in youth group, the college students entering their freshman year, and the newly married women whose weddings you attend? Are these young women possibly not even your own children? I felt like today, I was solely writing this blog to tell you that you play a KEY role in the mending of the broken, and in many cases, fatherless and motherless generations.

I believe young people without mentorship is riding a ship on a reckless sea, with no compass, instruments, maps, or sailor. It is oftentimes difficult without wisdom and intuition, and quite frankly, life experience.


Over the last couple months, my heart has burned to see a generation of mommas – 40, 50, 60 years old – partnering with young women, telling them the stories they wish they knew at that age, praying over their callings, and offering wisdom to their broken situations. Recently, I had a vision of some of the greatest leaders in history: the Heidi Bakers, the Mother Theresa’s, the Billy Grahams, the Oral Roberts, and Rosa Parks, in a race on the sidelines, wanting to pass of their mantles, their successes, their families, their assignments, all to the next generation of young leaders.

But this specific group of young people were running right past every opportunity, racing full speed ahead with a lofty ignorance at the weight of what was being offered.

I was puzzled; why would we pass something like that up? I realized it was because we didn’t believe we were qualified to carry their mantle. Even though God would say we were ready, we claimed that we were not. I share that story because I wonder how many women have disqualified yourselves from speaking into the lives of others. One of my favorite speakers, Jenn Johnson says: “Discipleship is easy, if you have one year on a person, it’s one year ahead of places they have been. Start somewhere, you have a voice in others’ lives.”

With our organization, we challenge young people to “give what you have—your two cents to change the lives of those around you.” Whether that’s as a mom taking care of kiddos, a forerunner of an orphanage, or a young woman pioneering a missions movement – you have something to give. You women can change the world and can bring in the harvest – simply by mentoring those in younger seasons with dreams to change with world. You can be a GPS to those around you, those in need of a GPS to navigate them through the many waves of life.

– Briauna


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