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Mommy and Me Fashion // By Rebekah Houle

By July 25, 2016Fashion, Mommas

This month we have been talking about discipleship and mentorship. To me, this brings to mind: mothers! Moms are so important and really where mentorship begins. A little girl usually wants to grow up and be just like her mommy. When I was a kid, I used to try on my mom’s clothes and shoes all the time and pretend I was someone important. I did this so often that my mom had to hide her “good” shoes at the top of the closet. It didn’t work for long, because I figured out that if I brought a stool over, I could pull them down! Thinking about this, I wanted to share with you a mother/daughter matching wardrobe boutique. If this existed when I was a girl, I probably wouldn’t have tried to wear my mom’s clothes all the time!

Be Inspired Boutique is an online shop that was started by a mom wanting to sell hand-made items that she made for her daughter. It grew from an eBay store to an online community for moms to chat with other mothers. Eventually, she started this online store making clothes for “Littles.” Moms were begging for dresses in their own sizes! This is what started the “Just Like Mommy” process. You can now shop for mother and daughter matching outfits! How cute is that? Their design methods are completely unique as they listen to the community on how things fit. Michelle, Founder and CEO, listens and truly cares about the community of women who shop her boutique. They design for all different body types: for women, they carry sizes S-3XL.


Not only are their clothes super adorable, they are also affordable! That is a big plus for me! So here are a few pictures of what they carry. You don’t have to be a mother to shop here, either. I’m no mommy, but I have definitely found some pieces that need to make it into my closet. You can find all of these cute outfits and many more at Be Inspired Boutique’s website: www.beinspiredboutique.com. Make sure you read their story as well!






Rebekah Houle

All photos courtesy of: Be Inspired Boutique


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