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4 Summer Fashion Must-Haves // By Rebekah Houle

By July 15, 2016Fashion

4 Summer Fashion Must-Haves

Can somebody please turn down the heat and turn up the A/C? Summer is in full blast and that means so is the hot-hot-hotness! Now is the time to get creative with your clothes and wear the coolest, least amount of clothing, while still looking modest and put together. I thought I would help you out with some great outfit tips and current trends for this summer, where you can still be cool, comfy, AND cute. Here are 4 pieces you must have in your wardrobe this summer!

1. Off the shoulder – These babies are making a splash all over the place. Everywhere I look, I’m seeing fashion bloggers and ladies of all ages own the off-the-shoulder look! This is a great way to cool off while still looking incredibly stylish. Showing a hint of shoulder doesn’t uncover too much skin, and it definitely makes you feel flirty and confident! You can find these little tops or dresses just about anywhere right now ranging from affordable to designer!


42. Basic Tees – I have been finding myself really clinging to this staple piece this summer more than ever. The minimalistic look has made a comeback as of late – that works for me, because that means a t-shirt will instantly make you look stylish! Well, it does depend on how you style it, of course. But, hey! Even a pair of ripped denim shorts and some sandals will put you into model status!

13. Gladiator Sandals – While these have been popular for quite some time, I am finding they have ‘upped their game’ in the design side. Grab a pair of to the knee gladiators and a little t-shirt dress and you have instantly style-boosted your outfit! These are pretty versatile too because they would go great with a dress, skirt, or shorts!

Gladiator-Sandals-20164. Rompers – Rompers are a great way to dress up a short. These cute little one-pieces have made their way in almost every store you can think of in all types of styles and prints. I put my stamp of approval on them, saying that you could dress them up with some cute wedges and a blazer or a cardigan for an event, or even dress it down with some gladiator sandals and a top-knot for a day with the gals.


While there are a million different posts on Summer Must Haves, these are just a few of my personal favorites that I’m loving this year! I would love to hear what you have been rocking this summer. You can always let us know by commenting below or posting on Instagram with hashtags #lilyprojecttulsa or #truebeauty4realwomen!



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