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3 Ways to Successfully Rock Mixed Prints // By Rebekah Houle

By July 5, 2016Fashion

I have always been one to jump outside the box when it comes to fashion. I was that girl in high school who wore high heels when the only people to do that were teachers. My friends knew if they heard heels walking the hall it was either a teacher or me. True story. I probably only wore jeans when it was casual day, and I never wore tennis shoes. Man, gotta love your younger years.
So, needless to say, the mixed prints trend was right up my alley with its daring and boundary-pushing charm! As with anything when wanting it to look good, you have to do it right and follow the rules. Rules in fashion, per say, are merely a guideline. Because if ever a rule is to be broken it should be fashion! So yeah. I’m going to give you 3 simple little “guidelines” on how to be successful when pulling off mixed prints.

1. Stay Within the Same Color Palette – This leaves room for any pattern play to take place without overdoing it. It’s definitely an easy step into mixing when you aren’t quite comfortable yet!


2. Opposites Attract – Put some floral with stripes, stripes with polka dots, or floral with animal print. That’s always my #1 go-to when it comes to mixing prints! FYI – leopard goes with everything!


3. Proportion Play – Anyone can mix prints. Anyone, no matter what size you are. Just watch your proportions! Play with smaller prints versus larger prints for an elevated look.


So there you have it, my dolls. These are the pretty simple rules of print mixing! My style challenge to you this week is to try your hand at creating a new outfit by applying one of these guidelines! I would love to see what you’ve come up with! Be sure to hashtag #wearebeautiful and #lilyprojecttulsa on social media or just tag us in your photo! Have some fashion fun, gals.

Until next time… xoxo Rebekah

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Cover photo: Rebekah Houle

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