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Spunky Summer Punch // By Solveig Buciak

By June 26, 2016Recipes

The summer sun is in full effect, and it has decided to pair your daily activities with warm rays to bronze your skin and heat up those summertime memories! But I bet all that fun has left you thirsty for a cool refresher. So allow me to introduce you to Spunky Summer Punch.

I grew up making this incredible, sweet, and simple recipe with my mom, who grew up making it with the creator and inventor- my grandma. Grandma has always been the life of the party, even when there was no party. She believes that every moment is an opportunity to be joyful and have a good time with those you love most. This drink is sure to be the perfect accessory to your smile infused summer. Enjoy!


▪    Guava Juice–  (1.5 bottles | 2.625L)
▪    Orange mango pineapple juice– (I like to use Dole®, 2 Bottles | 1.75L)
▪    Ginger Ale– (1 bottle | 2.625L)
▪    Medium to large punch bowl or glass container


▪    Place guava juice in the freezer (keep a close eye on it until it’s wonderfully slushy/icy but not fully frozen)
▪    Once the guava juice has reached the ultimate slushy goodness state, pour and mix together the orange mango pineapple juice (1st), guava juice (2nd), and ginger ale (3rd) into your selected container.

Voilà! Simple. Sweet. Spunky Summer Punch.

Stay Joyful! Keep Creating!

Much Love,

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