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5 Brands That Give Back // By Rebekah Houle

By June 11, 2016Fashion

In my last post, I shared with you a few ways that you can give back with fashion. This time, I want to let you know about 5 fashion brands as a whole that give back! It definitely can make shopping a lot more fun when you know your money is going to a good cause. I’ve added the links to their websites so you can see for yourself and maybe online shop till you drop right now!


This is probably one of the most well known brands for giving back. TOMS’s mission is to give a pair of shoes to someone in need for every pair that is sold. They have already reached over 35 million people across 5 continents through giving! You definitely can help serve someone in need when buying a pair of their shoes. They’re both cute and comfy, and the prices average at $40. While shoes are what they’re mostly known for, they have branched out into other items such as sunglasses, coffee, and apparel. (www.toms.com)


This is another popular brand that gives back. They’re mostly known for their bags which are made from natural, environmentally friendly materials. The brand’s mission and heart is to bring awareness to the fight against hunger. Children in underprivileged countries can now have meals through purchases of FEED products. It’s an amazing program that was started by Lauren Bush who witnessed these hunger issues firsthand and wanted to help. Their bags average from about $25 to $80, and each item lists how many children will be fed from your purchase! (www.feedprojects.com)

3. Altar’d State

This is a newer concept store, and is rapidly growing across the country. They give back in a few different ways: 1) They fund their employee’s volunteer hours, 2) they like to partner with other brands that give back by selling their merchandise in store, and 3) they donate 1% of their funds to local charities and organizations. I love how they give back to their local communities! The store atmosphere is so refreshing to be in as they play Christian music, and carry not only adorable clothing, but cute household accessories and jewelry. (www.altardstate.com)

4. Sevenly

Their motto is “People Matter,” and they show this by how they give! They create products that raise funding for non-profits. They do this by featuring specific causes throughout the year, and donating 7% of their profit to these non-profits. Each campaign can feature anything from t-shirts to prints. Over the past 5 years, they have donated over $4 million and touched 2 million lives. (www.sevenly.org)

5. Warby Parker

They make incredibly stylish eyewear! They believe that eyewear should be fun and affordable, as well as accessible. They noticed that 15% of the world’s population lacks access to glasses. To solve this issue, Warby Parker has teamed up with VisionSpring – a non-profit that provides exams and eyewear to people all over the world – to give a pair of glasses for every pair that is purchased. A “One for One” approach similar to TOMS. Their price point starts around $95. (www.warbyparker.com).warby-parker-do-good


Cover photo courtesy of: Feed Projects

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