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Paint A Rug In 5 Easy Steps // by America Gonzalez

By February 23, 2016D.I.Y.

Creating a dream home look on a budget means getting creative with decorations. Here’s a way to get a designer look on the cheap. Paint a rug!!


-You will need:



3-Roller or Brush


5-Fabric protector (suggestion)

1-Choose the right rug size and material. Some rugs can be pretty tough, so I would recommend using a medium rug. The thicker or shaggier the rug the harder it is to get nice a nice drawing (lines, pattern etc.)

2- The paint is the main key! If you choose the wrong one you might not get a pretty colorful rug for Spring, you might get one for Halloween! I prefer using fabric paint it’s easier to use and the result will be better. If you choose to go the hard way you can do the latex paint but make sure you do it in a more stiff rug.

3- Tape really depends on you whether you are adding a pattern to your rug or not. I know some of you are very talented, so you won’t need the guideline. However, if you are like me in order for you to get perfect lines you will need the help of tape. Make sure when you are using it to run your fingers along the edges of the tape so you don’t get any surprises when removing tape.

4- Roller or Brush: Again, it’s personal preference and it will depend on how big or the type of pattern you are doing. If you are doing small or delicate lines I would use a brush. You will have more control versus using a roller. If you are doing a big rug or a large, non-intricate pattern-a roller will be easier and faster.

5- Fabric protector: I usually do this every time I paint something! I like my work to stay intact and to last. After letting the rug dry, spray fabric protector generously all over. I would recommend Scotchgard.
There you have it 5 easy steps to make a rug for any occasion or season.

Photos from Mountain Modern Life

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