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D.I.Y. Fringe Scarf // by Rachael Quirin

By February 28, 2016D.I.Y.

As we know, spring is about here! So, how do you make a fringe scarf you ask? Well, here are a few steps to make one at home for free!


1.  Grab an old t-shirt out of your closet.

2. Lay it on the floor and get scissors.

3. Start by cutting off the sleeves.

4. Cut small, individual strips from the bottom all the way to the top, BUT be sure to stop about a half an inch or an inch before you cut all the way through the top (leave some room at the top for later). Make sure you are cutting the front and back of the shirt as well.

5. This is where your individual creativity comes in. You can add your favorite beads, tie dye, splatter paint, bleach it, whatever you want that says it’s YOU. Have fun with it, girl!

Note: To add beads make sure you loop the strip around in to a knot after each beach, to stop the bead from falling off.

6. Tie off the ends of each small cut strip. You will then create a hole, where you can stick your head through and fluff to your desired look.

7. You can also choose to leave the ends untied and let it fall all around you (you can use the the normal neck line to put it on).

8. Congratulations, you are done! Wear it proud! Because girl, you just made your own scarf, like the inner fashionista you are and it looks great!



Featured photo by Emily from Darling Dearest

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