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Life Hack Alert – Vinegar To The Rescue // by Faith Pratt

By December 12, 2015D.I.Y.
So, a few weeks ago, I was going  out of town. The night before I left, I decided to run a load of laundry. At the time, it seemed like a logical thing to do since I was going to be gone for awhile; however, I later realized that it was a horrible mistake.
After a few days, I came back. I unpacked and preceded to throw some dirty clothes into the hamper on my way to the laundry room.
I should have never opened the door.
If my eyes had been shut, I would have mistaken it as a high school locker room. It was beyond awful!
Come to find out, I left the wet clothes in the washer for days, and they were spoiled and musty, thanks to the summer heat.
In my panic to get rid of the smell and get my clothes clean, I turned to a trusted friend for advice on how to fix this: Pinterest.
Thanks to the wonderful body of knowledge that is Pinterest, I discovered that if your clothes have a spoiled, moldy smell to them after you leave them in the washer too long, there is a simple solution.

Just put a cup of white, distilled vinegar in the washing machine with the moldy clothes, and run the cycle again.

This oh-so-simple life hack was easy and affective, and got rid of the smell right away.
So, I share it now with you. I hope it comes in handy when you forget your son’s soccer jersey in the wash, or forget your favorite blouse before an important event.
Have a Beautiful day,
Featured image by Merrijane

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