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Staying Faithful // by Anissa Nishira

By November 29, 2015Discovering Me, Leadership

Sisters, do you ever feel like giving up?  It could be anything- giving up on a dream, on a person, on church life, on a week that feels never-ending.  We all experience times when it feels like the thing we want most is so far away that it’s not even worth our desire any longer.


But friends, today I want to encourage you to not give up. There is always hope for the future, and I think that hope can be  found in faithfulness. There is something about choosing to be faithful with the very tasks and relationships God has put in front of us today, that bring into fruition the hopes of the future.


One of my very favorite principles from the bible is found in the book Galatians: And let us not grow weary in doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up (6:9). 


I don’t claim to know what “due time” looks like for you (I don’t always know what it looks like for myself), but I do know that there is a time when all the faithfulness of today’s work will reap a harvest that is full of goodness-not because we did amazing work, but because God is good to his children.


So if you’re having a hard time choosing faithfulness, stop and remember that your due time is coming. Hopefully, you will look back and see how it was all meant for your good and for joy.  Trust that God is for you and keep going. I think you’ll find that your faithfulness was worth it in the end.



Anissa Nishira
Image by Monica Burgess


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