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Motherhood Is Not Easy // by Leslie McDaniel

By August 31, 2015Mommas


Let’s be honest. Being a mom is a full-time job.

I’m not talking about your average 40-hours-a-week. No, being a mom is a 24/7, round-the-clock job. Taking a day off or quitting is not an option, even if it is tempting at times.

I’ve had those times.

I have a 2-year-old little boy and another baby boy on the way. My first son was a month early, so they consider this pregnancy high-risk; however, I know my God still sits on the the throne! There will be no complications with this pregnancy and delivery. My second son will be healthy and full-term in Jesus’ name!

My first son, Jackson, has had a few complications since birth. Not only was he early, he spent a week in the neonatal intensive care unit. At first, he had problems breathing, and then eating and jaundice. Next, he struggled with colic, gas and digestion problems.

After he turned one, my husband and I starting noticing some behavioral issues and his speech wasn’t developing at the rate the doctors considered normal. We were told that even though he had a speech delay, therapy would help him and he would be fine. So, Jackson began speech therapy when he was about 18 months old.

By his second birthday, his speech was not really improving. Around this time, we also noticed that he was having some trouble with basic social interaction, such as maintaining eye contact and playing well with others.

Then, Jackson became increasingly aware of sounds, which caused him to be over-stimulated. He struggled to adapt to places with large crowds or too many noises such as daycares, grocery stores and restaurants.

This is life with Jackson.

Each day has become more and more difficult in ways. My husband and I are learning how to cope and handle this the best we can, one day at a time.

As of today, Jackson has not been diagnosed with any specific condition, but he will be evaluated for autism in about a month. It’s so hard to type those words; I’m still coming to terms with it all. Even so, I’m claiming the report of the Lord – that he is healed and whole no matter what the doctors say!!

I find peace in my savior Jesus Christ, for He alone is my helper, Father and healer. I can do all things through His strength. I must lean on Him and give it all to the Lord.

I say all this to say it’s not always easy to be a mom. It’s not always easy to not do the normal mom thing and worry.

It’s not always been easy to give my full trust to anyone – even God. I KNOW I can give my trust to the Lord; however, there is a difference between knowing and doing – trusting God with my heart and not just my mind.

I must trust God with my whole heart in order to fully experience His love, peace, joy and blessings. You see, when I don’t fully trust God, I don’t accept His love and blessings; I don’t have true peace or joy.

When I fully trust God with my whole heart, I can experience the fullness of God. I need everything God has for me in order to face the challenges of life and to be a good mother to my child. 

If times get tough as a mother of a child with special needs, I choose to give it all to God. The responsibility is not ultimately mine, it’s God’s! He is in control. I give everything to Him. 

So, I dare you to trust God with your whole heart, and not just your mind or half of your heart because He wants it all. Let Him love you and meet all your needs.

Live for Him with everything you have to give, which includes your children.

Loving and learning how to trust Him fully,

Leslie McDaniel


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