Turn Up Your Hearing Aids // by Becca Whitehead

By February 3, 2015Leadership

A recent phone conversation I had with my mother while folding laundry and listening to music ended with a great deal confusion on my face.

Here is why.

I was so focused on folding laundry and catching my favorite part of the blaring Taylor Swift song that I totally missed when my mom told me that she needed me to drive her to the doctor, and my autopilot response uttered out a “of course mom!” When the conversation ended with her saying “see you Tuesday,” I had no idea what I had just volunteered myself to do.

Because I was distracted I only heard what I wanted to hear, which gave me no direction to what I was supposed to be doing on said Tuesday.

This same concept of selective listening is also easy to do when applying God’s word to our life.

Whenever I come across a passage from the Bible that is read in church or even just see a scripture printed on a canvas that I have heard or seen before, I tend to just glance over it with closed ears and a closed heart due to the knowledge I think I already obtain. This short changes the power behind God’s word and the impact it can have on my life. It takes the power and grace behind the word of God away.

Matthew chapter 13 tells the story of a farmer who went to scatter seeds on his land. The seeds fell on various surfaces ranging from smooth paths where the seeds are easily blown away, to good soil where the seeds grow into flourishing crops. In relating this passage to what we listen to and soak in, we can also see various impacts in our lives. Allowing ourselves to dismiss something we think that we already know, or allowing the word of God to be active and present in our lives can make a world of difference.

I have noticed that whenever I use my biblical hearing aids, if you will, while reading the Bible they allow me to grow and experience God’s love at a much greater extent, as compared to just glancing over what I think I already know. One of the many cool things about God is that his love and grace are so abundant and overflowing and we get the awesome privilege to experience this.

Next time you find yourself skimming over God’s word I challenge you to stop and take some extra time to reflect of the meaning and love behind it. The impact can be boundless!

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