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We Are Beautiful is a community of women inspiring one another to embrace and celebrate their true beauty.

We exist to reveal truth, transform mindsets and release women worldwide to fulfill their beautiful, God-given purpose.


Fastened to Him // By Jordana Heldreth

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***Please read Song of Songs chapter 3 before reading***   Our God is the most faithful. One thing we can always have hope in, is that we are connected to…

Restless Search // By Bethany Thomas

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***Please Read Song of Songs 3 (any translation) before diving into this post.***   Five months into my marriage, my husband’s work called him away from me for two weeks….

Let it Go // by Jordana Heldreth

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Why is forgiveness so hard? Why do we find it so easy to just walk away or to get mad at people around us? I have talked with many people…

Grow up, Christians! Grow up! // by Marialicia Coates

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Want to hear a love story? I’ll tell you mine. Well, actually it’s not the main love story, but it is the story on how I met my husband. My…

Embracing Your Season of Destiny // By Olivia Hall

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Can you not discern this new day of destiny? (2:13) A new day of destiny. These words of hope in Song of Songs chapter two ring as true to the…

Your King Is Calling // By Holly Starr Jackson

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“The one I love calls to me: The Bridegroom-King [says] Arise, my dearest. Hurry, my darling. Come away with me! I have come as you have asked to draw you…

Sweet Fragrant Love // By Rachel Anderson

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***Read Song of Songs Chapter 1, Passion Translation before reading today’s blog.    I am a newly turned 23 year old woman and am content in my singleness. This is a…

Love Song Intro // By Marialicia Coates

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A year ago I met up with my dear friends Blake and Mallory and we talked about all what God was doing in our lives, ministries and families. I don’t…



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