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Pick Up Your Mat // Ashleigh Haley

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All it takes is a moment with Jesus to change everything. That might sound a little too hopeful, especially if you've been dealing with something long-term. Daily struggles like depression,…

The Simple Gospel // Alyssa LaCourse

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Do you know remember that feeling from school when you finally understood what the teacher was talking about and all of sudden she took the concept somewhere you couldn’t even…

A Timeless Gift // by Christian Bosse

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Christmas is the season for stress. It's the season for busyness. It's filled with scurrying here and there from store to store, feverishly tracking deals, and obsessing over holiday meal…

Let it Go // by Jordana Heldreth

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Why is forgiveness so hard? Why do we find it so easy to just walk away or to get mad at people around us? I have talked with many people…

Personal Jesus // Marialicia Coates

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I have been thinking about my decision on ending the year with the book of John. Yes, part of it it's just that we were covering the Gospels and John…

The Resurrection // Molly Shanahan

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When most people think of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they picture the cross. Jesus took our sins upon himself and died for us. This was the mark of real…

Gain Your Life // Nikki Charnstrom

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When the “end of time” is mentioned in church or scripture, why does it often feel negative and heavy? Perhaps it’s because of the frightening events prophesied in the Bible.…

It’s Never Too Late // Olivia Hall

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Do you ever wish you had lived your life differently thus far? I know that I have. As I reach my mid-twenties, post-college graduation season and enter into the “real…