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We exist to reveal truth, transform mindsets and release women worldwide to fulfill their beautiful, God-given purpose.


Redemption // By Zavi Whipple

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Let’s start this off with the right perspective, the book of Romans was written by a man named Paul, formerly Saul, who was chosen by Christ to be an apostle…

Women in Unity // By Mercedes McGaffin

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The story in the book of Ruth is a story about what women of God we are supposed to be for each other. Ruth lost her  husband and had every…

Grow up, Christians! Grow up! // by Marialicia Coates

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Want to hear a love story? I’ll tell you mine. Well, actually it’s not the main love story, but it is the story on how I met my husband. My…

Funky Fresh DIY Reupholstery // by Ashley Kyle

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My best friend and I just moved in together and we had a decorating DREAM ahead of us. We have similar tastes so we knew it was going to be…

From Desolate Fields to Promises of Prosperity // By Nikki Charnstrom

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A promise is coveted, a holy desire we all hope and pray to receive. Although, with promise comes diligent patience and whole-hearted faith in the waiting. Ruth and her mother-in-law,…

I Know My Redeemer Lives // by Christian Bosse

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The entire book of Ruth is often characterized by the love displayed from page to page. But what I appreciate most from this great book is the beauty that comes…

Who Are You? // Rachel Anderson

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“…who does that young woman belong to?” Ruth 2:5   Who do you-young woman, belong to? Who do you claim inheritance with? Who do you run to in times of…

Women of Character // By Jordan Wood

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Ruth: A woman in the bible who left a legacy of strength and resilience. Her story is one that has the Lord’s hand completely written all over it and is…



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